Who am I?

A storyteller: Some tell stories with words; some tell them with images. I do both.

As a freelance writer, photographer, and recovering editor, I’ve invested three-quarters of my life in journalism and communications. Most of my work has involved public education, the performing arts, and the parenting of four (now-adult) children.

A Texas native, I left the state safely in the hands of Ann Richards and moved to North Carolina in 1993, then to the D.C. suburbs in 2001. Most of my life has been spent behind the scenes watching and observing others, then sharing what I see.

What is glenncook.substack.com?

On this website, you get:

“Our Reality Show” — essays about family, parenting, freelancing and general culture (published once or twice a week and emailed to subscribers)

“Visual Diary” — a semi-regular series of photography-related posts.

“Stage Dad” — a behind-the scenes look at raising a child actor, with tips for parents and interviews with the professionals who work with your kids (published in conjunction with “Our Reality Show”)

"The Music Diaries" — concert reviews, interviews, and in-depth essays/features (published intermittently)

"Magazine Writing" — descriptions and links to features published since 2017 (updated regularly).

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Where else can you find me?

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Glenn Cook

“Some tell stories with words; some tell them with images. I do both.” Writer for 40 years; photographer for 10. Essays on parenting/family, education/culture, child actors, and music. Plus visual stories and links to magazine work.