This all has to be SO helpful for parents, Glenn! I was never a performing kid (at least, not in anyone's spotlight), nor have I ever been a parent (and only occasionally been apparent), but I followed my brother from Houston to LA in 1980.

He was a stand-up turned actor, and a couple things he told me he learned during his fame-chasing have helped me in whatever things I've done in my life since then: He went to EVERY audition, even, as he said, ones calling for elderly women, just to gain experience for the eventually (hopefully) big audition you really want!

The other tip he shared was "If they ask if you can ride a horse, say 'yes,' and then go learn in 5 minutes!" To all your readers, Glenn (and they'd better be legion), here's hoping they're not only listening, but taking notes!

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Bravo! I sent you an email. You have a rare insight into what stage parents are, what they often turn out to be like, and what they really OUGHT to be and do. Looking forward to the next one!

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"As a parent, your job is to raise a person, not an actor. Let the professionals teach them to be good on stage, and you teach them to be good in life."

I love this.

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This just fascinates me, Glenn — can’t wait to read the whole series!

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